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Many individuals present to our health center with chronic, degenerative, and often times debilitating health issues after having exhausted other healthcare options. It often comes as a surprise to them to discover that many of their health issues can be improved and in some cases reversed by making lifestyle and dietary modifications. That's why part of what I do is teach people how to live with and understand their own body. Our services are designed with this in mind.

Nutritional and Iridology Health Assessments: We offer a variety of health assessments to help you determine the weaknesses in your overall health structure and work with you to help plug the holes that are keeping you from experiencing optimum health.

Medical Thermography: This preventive health screening tool offers valuable insight into your health. Using a special infrared heat sensing camera we can detect subtle variations in temperature. This helps identify areas of imbalance or abnormalities which can lead to early detection of conditions that would not routinely be identified using traditional imaging. Breast and wellness studies are a great way to take a proactive approach to health.

Individual, Family & Group Nutrition Coaching: From customized meal plans to education on how to get the most from your exercise routine, our nutrition coaching will help you achieve your health goals in a way that makes sense to you.

By working with individuals in groups or one-on-one we educate them as to the different stages of health and the things that must be in harmony in order to achieve the best and longest lasting quality of life. 

Detoxification: Our environment and our food choices subject our bodies to a variety of toxins on a regular basis. These toxins (some biological and some not) tend to accumulate in our body and over time create havoc by accelerating tissue and organ degeneration. Our liver is designed to detoxify our body but the level of toxicity, stress, and poor quality of nutrition overwhelms the system.  By assisting the body with other methods of detoxification you are able to take the burden off the liver and keep your body functioning as optimally as possible.

Some of the detoxification methods I discuss are:

       - Halotherapy Infrared Sauna

       - Ozone Therapy

       - Dry Salt Room Therapy

       - Massage and Myofascial therapy

       - Herbal Body Wraps

       - Elimination Diets

       - Juice and Herbal cleanses

Ozone Therapy for health: In a world subjected to so many food and environmental toxins ozone therapy definitely has its place. Practiced in Europe for over 80 years on over 100,000 patients it has proven to be the answer to many health issues that have puzzled the medical field. Ozone is a natural gas in our atmosphere and has been used and approved by the FDA for numerous air and water purification applications. However, low dose ozone therapy has been successfully used to treat a wide range of health issues due to its natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. We offer in-office transdermal steam ozone therapy and offer ozone therapy home kits for purchase through our office.

MindFit Stress Reduction: Stress has become such a normal part of life in today's world that many individuals don't know how to recognize the signs and effects of stress. Stress has it's finger on all aspects of our life and health such as immunity, sleep, focus, weight, and even longevity. This stress reduction therapy uses binaural beats and guided visualization to help lower your cortisol levels thereby reducing the negative effects of stress. Home kits are available at our office.

Healthy Weight Loss: With the variety of fad diets available nowadays, individuals are at a loss as to what weight loss program is right for them. What they need to know is that by putting the body through repeated calorie restriction diets they are actually creating an imbalance in their blood sugar levels. Rapid weight loss leads to rebound weight gain .  By working with a nutritionist you can identify which lifestyle and dietary choices are not allowing you to maintain an ideal weight for your 'body type'. Once we have identified what may be at the core of your weight issues (toxicity, diet, stress, etc.) we can help you develop a weight maintenance plan that actually works for you.

Myofascial Release Therapy: With over 35 years experience using this effective and valuable therapy, Dr. Wilson has created a form of myofascial therapy perfected from the techniques taught to her by her Caribbean grandmother. Release years of pain and restrictions in very few sessions and get a new lease on life.

Dry Salt Room Therapy (Halotherapy): With its origins in Europe, Dry Salt Therapy has finally made its way to this country. Discovered as a therapy in the salt mines in Europe, this therapy has proven anti-inflammatory benefits to the respiratory system as well as the skin. Using micro particles of pure pharmaceutical grade salt released into the air, individuals breathe this dry salt air producing a soothing feeling to the respiratory tract. Benefits include improvement in bronchitis, asthma, COPD, sinus congestion, as well as helping with inflammatory skin conditions. Reduce stress at the same time with the soothing natural Himalayan salt walls delivering color therapy and reducing cortisol levels.

Phone consultations:  We offer phone consultations for those individuals that would like to avail themselves of our services but cannot make it to our office. Don't let yourself be limited by your zip code to get the help you need.