Ozone Therapy

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What is Medical Ozone Therapy?


Ozone is a gas that is naturally produced in our atmosphere. Ozone was first discovered in the late 1800s where the most common uses were for purification of water. Its properties are such that microbes cannot develop a resistance to its oxidizing powers.  During the first world war it was successfully used in Germany to treat infected wounds. Today medical ozone is used widely in Europe and in the last 15 years its use has finally made its way to the United States.

Medical Properties Of Ozone:

- Potent Immune system regulator

- Stimulates the uptake and use of oxygen

- Improves circulation

- Anti-inflammatory properties

- Anti-microbial

Conditions Treated With Ozone:

- Cancer

- Auto-immune conditions

- Chronic infections: Lymes Ds., MRSA

- Allergies, Sinusitis

- Intestinal disease

- Ear and dental infections

- Arthritic conditions and pain

How Is Ozone Used Medically?

Ozone treatments vary based on the individual condition. Dosage, methods and treatment intervals vary in order to achieve the desired benefit. Some of the ways to administer ozone are:

- Auto-Hemotherapy: mixing ozone with blood and re-infusing (a medical procedure)

- Dissolving ozone in IV fluids (medical procedure)

- Rectal and vaginal insufflations

- auricular insufflation

- limb bagging

- full body bagging/Sauna

- Topically with ozonated oils and transdermal ozone sauna therapy

- joint or subcutaneous injections (medical procedure)

Medical ozone can be performed in a clinical setting or in the comfort of your home.  Most individuals find it easier to purchase the necessary ozone therapy essentials from us and perform their desired therapy in the privacy of their home.

The equipment used for this type of ozone therapy is designed for the purpose of generating medical ozone using pure oxygen and should be contaminant free.  There are many resources available online for obtaining more information on medical ozone and its uses.

If you would like to purchase a Home Unit to perform your ozone therapies at home you can contact our office. We have units designed for home use and can provide training and information for obtaining the best results using ozone.

We can ship your kits to any location within the continental United States.